Terms of Use

    Maliymas S.A.R.L. is responsible for providing all services outlined in the chosen itinerary. If the itinerary must be modified due to unforseen rasons, Maliymas S.A.R.L. will attempt to provide the same quality of service within reason. Otherwise, the client will have the option of a proportional reimbursement.

    Similarly, if the lodging at one or more hotels indicated on the itinerary is not possible, it/they will be replaced with others providing similar accommodations.

    Rooms indicated are for two persons. A supplement will be charged for travelers desiring a single room.

    Maliymas S.A.R.L. is not responsible for any trip modification due to circumstances beyond its control, for example, flight delays, etc.

    Travelers are responsible for all necessary documentation such as: visa, vaccination certificate for required vaccinations (currently required for yellow fever) and in general, all necessities for the trip.

    Travelers are responsible for following all directions given by the guide and adhering to schedules that provide for a successful trip .

    In the case of a traveler who has a serious medical condition or special needs, the client must notify the agency in advance so that feasibility of the trip can be assessed.

    Travelers must assume that traditions in the countries to be visited will differ from their own and that local traditions and practices must be respected.

    Travelers must equally recognize that for travel in Africa there may well be differences in level of service from that of their home countries.

    Travelers assume the responsibility for safeguarding their belongings at all times (in hotels, restaurants, etc.)

    Maliymas S.A.R.L. is not responsible for delays or cancellations of in country flights. In the case of a flight cancellation, the flight will be replaced by land transportation and the money initially alloted for air travel will be used to cover the expenses of alternative transportation.
    For cancelation of any trip that includes an in country flight, reimbursement is subject to airline policies.

    Certain itineraries involve making reservations beforehand for such things as flights and hotels. This is why it is necessary to have a minimum 30% deposit per person at least 70 days in advance. If the reservation is made less than 70 days prior to arrival, the itinerary may be subject to modification.

    The following rules apply to cancellation:

     •  Cancellations made more than 60 days prior to departure: the client is reimbursed 80%.

     • Cancellations made from 60-30 days prior to departure: 50% reimbursement, or the possibility of applying this money to another trip within 6 months of cancellation.

     •  Cancellations made less than 30 days prior to departure: possibility of applying 50% of the money paid for the trip, to another trip within 6 months following the cancellation. No funds will be reimbursed.

    In all instances, expenses incurred in case of reimbursement (bank charges and other fees) will be deducted from the total to be reimbursed.

    In group reservations, cancellation made by an individual or individuals, thus reducing the number of travelers, could produce a modification of the per person price of the trip, and could affect the amount reimbursed.

    If Maliymas S.A.R.L. must interrupt a trip due to overpowering circumstances, the client will be reimbursed the total amount paid for the trip. Maliymas S.A.R.L. will not be responsible for any personal expenses the client incurred related to the trip.

    Maliymas S.A.R.L. takes all necessary precautions to avoid possible risks. However, travelers must realize that there could be unforeseen accidents.

    In case of lost or misplaced luggage resulting from a flight, Maliymas S.A.R.L. will do everything within its means to recover it, the traveler remaining responsible to claim it from the airline and pay any expenses incurred from this process.

    All travelers are advised to carry valid medical insurance.

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